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Mikey Mo the MC - Inner City Built

Mikey Mo the MC

12 NFTs

Moodswingz Muzik presents: The Inner City Built NFT by Mikey Mo the MC. Beat by Chakal Tresor. Only 100 available. This track is about how I grew up in different cities on different coast in the USA and how it molded me into the man I am today. My life has been a movie up to this point and my music is a reflection of it. Purchasing this NFT will give you the following benefits: A animation by Mikey Mo the MC Future airdrop of NEWM tokens as an appreciation of your early support. (1st buyer) .5% Ownership of the Streaming tokens of this song once its distributed thru NEWM. Lifetime discount on Merch offered by Moodswingz Muzik Exclusive invite to our Dischord with the other NFT holders. We will give these supporters plenty of exclusives for being apart of our community. Direct access to Uncle Mikey himself!